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Who is embracing LED street lighting?

Posted on December 1, 2014

  You can barely flick through a lighting publication these days without stumbling across news that a council have agreed to an LED street lighting upgrade or a council are opting for part-time operation hours of street lighting to save costs.   Many UK councils have realised the benefits of LED technology by undertaking projects… Read More


Vapour Proof Fitting nominated as Innovative Industrial Product of the Year

Posted on November 27, 2014

  Sedna’s LED Vapour Proof Fitting was shortlisted for an Electrical Times Electrical Industry Award 2014. The fitting was a finalist in the ‘Innovative Industrial Product of the Year‘ category.   Sedna’s LED vapour proof fitting is a revolutionary all LED replacement, to replace complete non-corrosive fluorescent tube fittings. It utilises Epistar SMD2835 with direct… Read More


LED lighting makes a surge in retail

Posted on

Many UK retailers are making the switch to efficient LED lighting for their stores, displays and signage. Sedna have been supplying lighting to retailers for years but has noticed a recent surge in demand– echoed by many big names leading the way with lighting upgrades in their flagship stores.   In recent months alone, Sedna… Read More


Lighting Regulations: What can the UAE learn from Europe?

Posted on November 24, 2014

The UAE are leading the way in promoting sustainable development by introducing legislation dictating all new buildings have to be fitted with energy efficient LED lighting, building on a 2013 government pledge to reduce energy consumption in the emirate by 20%, by switching all government offices to LED.   This is a pioneering move, years… Read More

Case Study: Formula 1

Posted on November 19, 2014

Sedna’s TITAN™ delivers ultra performance off track so F1 can continue to deliver on it.   With all eyes on the track – it’s important it’s lit to perfection, but the areas off track can be just as vital in ensuring ultra high performance. The Formula 1 management team were looking for high powered LED flood… Read More

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