LED on the brain

It’s not just us at Sedna with LED lighting on the brain. A Mens Ampilo project is doing it quite literally, demonstrating science and art coming together and illustrating the potential LED has to aide to design.



The group have worked on the 15 foot tall model of a human head and brain, using LED effects which light up and change colour and pattern based on a participant’s state of mind. Light and flame effects are controlled by a participant wearing an EEG headset – which translates their shifting emotional and mental state, mimicking the images a clinical brain scanner would create in real time.


The brain is surrounded by a head constructed out of steel,  the inside is made up of neuron branches made of endlighten rods, a type of clear, light diffusing acrylic LED light. Brainwaves are read by an EEG headset and in turn the LEDs change colour and light up according to patterns in participant’s state of mind.


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