Why are Heat Sink Systems so important?


A heat sink is needed to control the temperature around a lighting device and can be vital in facilitating a long working life for the product.


When the design of a device does not effectively distribute unwanted heat away into the surrounding air, a heat sink is used to control the temperature.


It absorbs excessive heat and dissipates it away. They are commonly used in lighting because the high temperature from the luminaire (especially conventional technologies which gave off almost as much heat as they did light!) can degrade the working life.


LED is a great technology as the light gives off far less heat, which helps preserve the product as the heat does not degrade it over time, but a good heatsink is important as it helps preserve life further.


Sedna’s heavy duty flood light, the TITAN™ is an example of a luminaire with a highly efficient heatsink, using an advanced design aluminium multi-fin heat sink system.




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