What is IES Data?

This video, the first in Sedna’s Understanding LED series helps describe what IES Data is, and what IES files are used for.


IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. The IES was established to bring together those with lighting knowledge for the benefit of the public by translating their knowledge into action. IES lighting data and IES standard file format was created so photometric data could be transferred electronically over the web. Photometric data is the measured candlepower distribution of a luminaire; it’s a digital profile of a real world light.


IES light files are created by lighting manufacturers and can be downloaded from their websites; with some offering an extensive library of IES files.


IES files can be sent to labs to manufacture a light, when a user has specific needs for certain levels or shapes of light for their environment. IES data is sent by designers and is then used to ensure a light is manufactured to the correct specification.


At Sedna, IES files are downloadable from the Trade Area of our site for existing customers for most products. If you would like anymore information – simply get in touch and contact us today.

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