The World’s Most Expensive Lighting Projects


After many spectacular displays around the world for new year’s eve, here are some of the most striking and expensive led lighting displays from around the world.


Hong Kong, Festival of Lights


The Guinness World records named  it ‘the world’s largest permanent light and sound show.’

In one of the most expensive cities in the world, the spectacular show includes an array of laser beams and colourful lights with synchronised music and narration in a number of languages. This lighting show is a celebration of Hong Kong’s spectacular energy and spirit and it’s free! If you are ever in Hong Kong this is a must see.


Times Square

Times Square

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Last year, Times Square installed the largest led screen at eight stories tall  The new screen stands eight stories tall, which is nearly as tall as a football field.

Almost 24 million LED pixels, make up the display, giving it an amazingly high resolution.

This megascreen is one of the most expensive advertising screens as marketers try to grab the attention of audiences at a price of more than $2.5million for 4 weeks!


Dubai, Burj Khalifa

Dubai has many world records and of course it has one for lighting. Last year, Dubai won a Guinness world record for the LED illumination on Burj Khalifa facade – a spectacular LED display in the UAE national flag colours, being the most watched display in the world with a cost of £3.86m.




Metallica, Reading and Leeds Festival

Metallica’s 2015 Reading Festival show was the biggest and most expensive in the history of the event.

Aside from Metallica, another start of the show was the LED lighting rig across every inch of the stage, a truly spectacular performance.



Medellin, Colombia


In one of the largest cities of Colombia, the annual festival of lights has always been breathtaking. Every year it gets bigger and bigger with this year’s display having over 31 million led lights. The striking carnival lighting brings in millions of visitors each year to see the magical display.

Lights in Medellín

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