LEDs have changed the face of car design

It’s not just commercial and industrial building applications benefiting from LED lighting – the face of car design and lighting is changing too.


Facilitating endless design possibilities.


Incandescent bulbs are rapidly being replaced in and on cars by LEDs which provide an energy-efficient, longer-lasting alternative.


They use approximately 25% less energy than halogen headlights and also offer simple maintenance and installation. The days of regular bulb changes are a thing of the past!


Not only are they more efficient, LEDs also provide designers and car makers with far more flexibility and scope. LEDs can be tightly packaged which allows designers to produce more attractive, original and innovative vehicle designs.


It’s not just outside either.


LEDs are also being used in car interiors, to provide efficient, ambient mood lighting as well as offering superior door and foot-well lighting. Whereas you’ll see LEDs installed in the majority of new cars, here are a few of our favourites..


BMW 4 Series Coupe with Adaptive LED headlights

Audi S8 with Matrix LED Headlights

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ford GT

Mercedes C Class

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