5 steps to cutting your carbon footprint in the office

We all try to think about our impact at home by reducing our carbon footprint and saving some money on fuel, however we can often forget about this at the office. Unfortunately, many commercial spaces waste a huge amount of energy unnecessarily, and as a result this can create an equally huge expense for the company.

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Here are 5 tips for you to cut the carbon footprint for your business and help you save some money at the same time.


  1. Set the temperature controls effectively

Most heating and cooling systems are fitted with regulators and most of us don’t know how to use them properly. Learn how to set temperature controls to match the season and weather conditions. Furthermore, you can also set time controls to match occupancy. What is the point in keeping the heating on full blast when there is nobody in the building?


  1. Laptops typically use less electricity over a year than desktop PCs

If you’re already using laptops you are already saving! If not, perhaps you can consider this as an alternative to a desktop PC?


  1.  Switch off your water-cooler and other appliances at night

This also includes many office products and phone chargers, as they continue to draw power, even when they’re in standby mode. If you are using multi-socket extension leads that include an onoff switch, this makes it easier to reduce the amount of power being used. Even better, start using ‘Smart’ power blocks that automatically shut off the power for you if there is no activity for a while.


  1. Energy efficient commercial led lighting

Of course one of the best ways of saving energy is by the installation of led luminaires. This can cut your energy use by 50% as well as reducing your carbon footprint and of course slashing the price of your energy bills significantly.




  1. Turn off the lights

It might be tempting to forget sometimes to turn off the lights, however over time this can make a difference. One way of never forgetting is by using sensors or if the option is available, having dimmable settings on your lighting can be another way of saving additional energy.


By reducing the company’s carbon footprint it can help your business reduce costs, be compliant with new environmental regulations as well as increasing the reputation of the business.

Of course this is just a taster of some simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint as well as cutting the costs for your business. For more information on our commercial LED lighting, please click here, If you need any advice, please get in touch.

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