Should you retrofit or replace your lighting?

Not only is energy expensive, it we look at all the buildings we live collectively, they are responsible for around 26 per cent of Britain’s carbon emissions.


That’s why retrofitting is becoming a cost effective way of reducing energy consumption. It is principally concerned with improving thermal insulation, limiting losses due to unplanned ventilation of the building generally using low carbon or renewable energy sources. However, this also includes the retrofitting of incandescent lighting.


Retrofitting is a term used for providing something with a component or feature not fitted during manufacture, or adding something that it did not have when first constructed. In terms of  carbon reduction, ‘retrofit and refurbishment’ is about making buildings more thermally efficient and sustainable.


From a lighting perspective, retrofitting can be a cheaper option in comparison to changing the whole light.  A retrofit LED lighting solution can look like a traditional incandescent or halogen lamp and is inserted into the fitting in the same way.  It is separate to and replaceable from the fitting.


What are the benefits?

Once the lamps are installed, they are maintenance free, essentially you fit them and forget them. Therefore, a potential saving can be made of up to 90% on your maintenance costs.


LEDs produce the same quality of light as traditional lamps with only a fraction of the power. This means that there can be a saving of up to 85% on your energy bills.



Sedna offers a number of retrofitting solution with the LED Retrofit Troffer Kit being one of them:


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