How To Choose Your LED Signage Modules

Are you thinking about getting LED signage modules, but don’t know where to start?


Here is a step by step guide to calculating the required amount of LED signage modules for your signage.


Step 1. To choose your modules. Measure the depth of your light box/built-up lettering. Round up to the nearest option in the spec sheet. This will give the density of modules per metre squared.


Step 2. Using the Length x Width Measurement, calculate the area needed to illumination in metre squared.


Step 3. Using a combination of results from step 1 & 2, calculate the density x the no. of metres squared to give you the QTY of modules required.


Optional If you are required to calculate power supplies. Once you have the total quantity of modules, multiple this by the power rating of each module found on the specification sheet to give the size of power supply required.


Remember we stock a wide range of waterproof and non-water LED drivers from 10W to 360W.



led signage guide


Watch this space for part 2 of our LED signage module guide, coming soon ‘how to fit your LED lighting modules’.


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