What is the cost of Christmas lighting?

As December is approaching, you start to notice the Christmas lights going up on various houses, but when you see these houses covered from head to toe in flashing lights, you start to wonder, ‘how much does all this cost?’13-12-16_Christmas_house_decoration


Well, since LED lighting technology has become so advanced, as well as making a great difference to your carbon footprint it will also make you a saving of up to 90% on energy costs.


Still not sure on the cost of an LED Christmas?


Here is a calculation on the average use of Christmas lighting over the festive season.


For example, using LED Christmas tree lighting at around 8 watts  (although this could be considerably less) for 1 hour would at the national average of 13p per KWH. This would be:


(8 watts/1000) x 1 hour = 0.008

0.008 x .13 per KWH = £0.00104

christmas tree lights

From this we can calculate the amount for over 1 month for 6 hours per day:


(8 watts/1000) x 6 hours x 31 days = 1.49

1.49 x 0.13 per KWH = £0.1937


This means that it would cost less than 20p for the Christmas lights over the Christmas period.


Now let’s look at an amount of Christmas lights for outdoor use as well.


If the all the outdoor and indoor lights came to 100 watts, we can calculate the amount it would cost for over the same period.


(100 watts/1000) x 6 x 31 = 18.6

18.6 X 0.13 per KWH = £2.418


Therefore in total, using LED Christmas lighting over the Christmas period it would cost less than £2.50!


Although the cost of LED lights is a higher than traditional lights, LED lights will last up to 10 times longer and your electricity bill will be a fraction of the cost. Using traditional incandescent lights for the same amount of lighting would use well over 1000 watts, which would cost considerably more and they have a much shorter life span.


Another additional benefit of LED lighting is that it is known for its hard wearing durability and the fact that it does not heat up also makes this a much safer option than traditional Incandescent lighting.


Now there should be a new question you are thinking – why wouldn’t you want to light up your house for that price?

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