What is a Data Repeater?

What does it do?strip lighting


A data repeater is essentially a signal amplifier for LED lighting used to amplify control signals across larger distances.


The power capabilities of an existing LED controller are extended in order to add more Red, Green, Blue (RGB) LED Lighting than it is originally designed to cope with.


It can also be used for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Dimming. PWM dimming technology allows the switching of the LED on and off at a high rate.



Why would you need one?


You might need to use them if you are using an RGB controller or wall dimmer and if you are using long led lighting strips, in-ground lights and underwater lighting.

airport lighting

Using a data repeater is most commonly used for decorative lighting.

Commercial Decoration: Business spaces, shopping malls, meeting room, factory, clubs, hotel, light box, and performances, airports, etc.


Indoor Decoration: Lighting and back lighting for hospital,  event, show exhibition, Signage, signboards, and billboards Backlighting hotel, marketplace, square, dining-room, pub. It is also applicable for automobile and bicycle decoration, border or contour lighting.
At Sedna we offer a data repeater/power amplifier with an operating voltage of 12 or 24V DC with 3 channels.


For more information please get in touch with Sedna by calling 029 2009 9092 or emailing info@sedna.lighting.

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