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Combining the most innovative breakthrough technologies of the 20th century, Solar Power with LED Luminaires. The solar street luminaire is designed for energy efficient 100% off-grid solutions.

Options from high power, high efficiency 110lm/W; 30W / 60W street lights producing up to 6,600lm (optics: 75˚ x 150˚ / 55˚ x 145˚) making it suitable for mount heights from 3-8m for small roads, urban areas and car-parks.

System comprises of Panasonic® LC Series Lead Acid Battery (SDLC-T12105) designed especially for photovoltaic systems, with a low self-discharge rate. 2 capacities available: 70Ah for and 105Ah for 1-to-3-day cycles (30W: 2-day 70Ah / 3-day – 105Ah / 60W:1-day 70Ah / 2-day 105Ah), hence suitable in low-light/high rain/dust areas where solar panel may be unable to obtain max daily 5-hr charge in a single day. Furthermore, 2 options of mounting battery cell: pole mount cabinet (suffix-CB) or in-ground (suffix -IG), latter ideal for high temperature environments >35˚C ambient where in-ground cabinet can maintain battery at optimum temperature for long-term maintenance free use.

Solar Panel features latest polysilicone technology (conversion rate
up to 15% & power attenuation less than 20% in 20
years), for rapid charge cycle (5-hours to max). Mounted independently of LED Luminaire for positioning/directing to solar source for optimum charging.

IP68 Controller (82mm x 100mm x 20mm / 0.3kg) can be adjusted to solar only or Hybrid: solar & mains 230V AC input. Furthermore, settings can be changed through 100%/8-Hours use or 50%/16-hours usage.

Item supplied complete as set. Options from Wattage (-30W/-60W), Battery Size (-70 suffix 70Ah/-105 suffix 105Ah) & battery cell storage mounting (Post Mount Cabinet: -CB / in-ground: -IG)

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