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R8™ Series – LED Highbay

Products R8™ Series – LED Highbay

Product Details

R8™ High/low Bay LED lights, designed specifically for installations requiring high level light mounting from 6 – 12m. With industrial applications in mind, replace up to 400W metal halide type fittings: with the added benefit of 75% energy savings, improved lumen performance & improved CRI (Colour Rendering Index: ideal in packing
warehouses), as well as long life meaning annual re-lamp & expensive lift equipment/inconvenience is negligible.

R8™ is available in 3 options: 100W/150W/200W, comprised of high performance Nichia® SMD3030 LEDs, individually lensed (60˚/90˚) with PMMA optics for high uniformity & reduced light spillage. Driven by industry leading Meanwell™ HLG drivers, the R8™ series is able to deliver an outstanding 130lm/W, up to +24,000lm in a standard
colour temperatures of 5700K (others on request).

Suspension or surface mount: integral mounting hook (SDR8HB-SU), threaded rod – M10 (SDR8HB-TR) or surface mount bracket (SDR8HBBR). Further options include dimmable options: 1-10V (-AD) & DALI (-DL) with advanced programmable occupancy controls suitable for daylight & non-occupancy detection/ daylight-dimming.

Product information

Durable with a rated life span of +50,000 hours / No UV or IR emissions / Instant on &
Flicker free / CE & RoHS international standards / Environmentally friendly & part recyclable: no mercury or other hazardous materials used / Die cast aluminium heat sink / IK08 PMMA optic lens / Integral mounting hook / Threaded Rod (M10) / Surface Mount Bracket / Meanwell™ HLG Series LED Driver

Product Specification

Beam Angle

60º / 90º

Luminous Efficacy

Up to 130lm/W

Input Voltage

AC 100-280V

High Colour Rendering Index

≥ 80Ra

LED Type

Nichia® 3030SMD LED

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Power Factor

≥ 0.95

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