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M3/NM3 LED Emergency Pack – Conversion Kit

Products M3/NM3 LED Emergency Pack – Conversion Kit

Product Details

Constant current emergency pack for range of commercial & industrial luminaires. Designed with ‘plug-&-play’
Molex® quick-fit connectors & external mains feed box for quick installation & to operate with wide range of luminaries & power supplies.

Unit supplied enclosed with 800mAh NiCd battery for 3-hour emergency usage (at 5W Max) giving minimum 0.5lux across typical applications. Further benefits of 500mm external selftest button (7mm) & LED indicator light with holder (6.5mm hole). 12V YUASA® 800mAh battery to be operated at 0 – 50˚C to maintain 3-year service life.

Product information

Durable with a rated life span of +100,000 hours (Excluding battery) / No UV or IR emissions / Instant on & Flicker free / CE & RoHS international standards / Environmentally friendly / Molex® wire connector / Screw fixing points / Complies to EN5017

Product Specification

Input Voltage

110-280V AC



Power Factor

PF>0.98/110V PF>0.92/230V

Total Harmonic Distortion




Operating Temperature

0 to 50°C (Battery
case temp
to maintain 3-year service life)



Built in protection:

short circuit / over current /
over voltage / deep discharge protection

Voltage Tolerance

+/- 10%

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