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Product Details

Innovative HV (High-voltage) LED Technology from Nichia® mean improvements in overall luminaire effiiciency by reducing driver step-down losses, ultimatley delivering an extra 25-30lm/W than standard market LED counterparts. Whats more, with the widest choice in the industry for outputs up to 22,000lm, mean a consistent luminaire can be used on projects no matter the mount height or lux level requirements.

Other benefits include minimised attraction to nocturnal wildlife due to non-ultraviolet light, high light output even in cold temperatures and a wide range to suit round the clock environments.

Suitable for post or wall mounting, with adjustable positioning & 3mm toughened glass cover.

Product information

Durable with rated life span of +40,000 hours / No UV or IR emissions / Instant Illumination & Flicker free / CE & RoHS international standards / Environmentally friendly & part recyclable: no mercury or other hazardous materials used / Medium duty die cast aluminum housing & 3mm toughened glass cover.

Product Specification

Beam Angle


Luminous Efficacy

Up to 120lm/W

Input Voltage

100-280V AC

High Colour Rendering Index

> 82Ra

LED Type


Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Power Factor


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