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Pluggable linear light modules from OMNI® – delivering the next generation in lighting technology with a market leading typical module efficacy of 165lm/W (25 ̊C) delivering up to 4,500lm from a single module. Retrofit ‘plug-&-play’ design for simple installation across a range of linear fittings – with options in 560mm / 713mm / 1140mm / 1420mm – suitable for upgrading conventional luminaires or long-term serviceability / replacement of inferior and out-dated light engines. 45,000h lifetime (LM79/80), wide variety of power options as well as Tridonic® looping in/out PCB wire connectors ensure light modules are simple & easy to install throughout a range of applications. Further benefits include 4mm push-fit rivets and self-adhesive backing for secure fixing mounted on a high-grade aluminium substrate (1050 alloy), industry recognised as of the highest thermal conductivity to ensure superior chip stability. Further benefits include snap-on frosted/clear diffusers for diffused lumen output, increased uniformity & extra protection. Range of high efficiency constant current drivers with Molex® quick-fit connectors also available from 350mA – 7500mA to suit a wide of light engine configurations. 1-10V Analogue dimmable (-AD) & DALI (-DL) also available (refer to range of constant current drivers for further information).

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Durable with a rated life span of +45,000 hours / No UV or IR emissions / Instant on & Flicker free / CE & RoHS international standards / Environmentally friendly & part recyclable: no mercury or other hazardous materials used / 1050 aluminium alloy PCB / PMMA optic lens / Tridonic® looping in/out PCB wire connectors / Rear self-adhesive backing / PC push-fit rivets for quick installation & secure fixing

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