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LED signage modules provide a modern energy efficient and almost maintenance free solution making this product line a favourite of the illuminated signage industry, with flexibility to cover a range of advertising applications, such as illuminated stand offs, built up characters and back-light light box. 12V DC, LED modules are supplied in strings of 20/30 units with 100mm 0.55m² multi-core cable ensuring sufficient distance for complex shapes/bends whilst maintaining uniform lumen output. Series can easily be modified by removing/adding further units. Pre-drilled mounting holes & industrial-grade adhesive backing for ease of installation, with IP66 rating making units ideal for both interior/exterior applications, whilst 20,000 hours rated life make almost maintenance free. ABS encapsulation ensures anti=static, flame-retardent and weatherproof, with individual PMMA lens for a super-wide 160° beam angle for uniform lumen output: medium output operate in spaces as shallow as 50mm to 180mm depths. Options available in series configurations: single / twin / triple orientation.

Product information

Durable with a rated life span of +20,000 hours / No UV or IR emissions / Instant on & flicker free / Conforms with international standards / Environmentally friendly & part recyclable: no mercury or other hazardous materials used / Lead-free ABS IK10/IP66 encapsulation (anti-static / flame-retardant / weatherproof) / PMMA lens for wide beam angle / Industrial grade 3M­™ adhesive / Linked with 100mm 0.5mm² multi-core cable

Product Specification

Beam Angle


Luminous Efficacy

up to 83lm/W

Operating Voltage

DC 12V

LED Type

Epistar SMD2835

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

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