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安装简易 节能高达90% 不含水銀 安全又環保


Fantastic value for money and simple retro fit installation with a similar ambiance, makes LED GU10 lamps the ideal solution across a range of applications in both domestic and commercial environments with energy efficiency and carbon footprint in mind. Economic benefits boast up to a 90% reduction in electricity consumption in comparison with conventional 40W halogen GU10 counterparts. Increased lamp life means rated at 30,000 hours, ensures reduced waste, even consisting of mostly recyclable components, and cost recovery in just 12 months. Now with 2 year warranty means your guaranteed investment. White polycarbonate housing with fixed light diffuser for smooth lumen output. Item packaged in individual blisters.

Product information

Durable with a rated life span of +30,000 hours / No UV or IR emissions / Instant on & flicker free / Conforms with international standards / Environmentally friendly & part recyclable: no mercury or other hazardous materials used / Lightweight ceramic housing

Product Specification

Beam Angle


Luminous Efficacy

up to 64lm/W

Input Voltage

AC 220-240V

Socket Type


LED Type

SMD 3528

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Download the full spec sheet here.


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